The Benefits Of Organic Clothing & Designers To Try For Your Kids

As Australia’s premier kids clothing boutique, Tiny Style are proud supporters of organic baby and children's clothing – that is, clothing made from any material raised or grown in compliance with strict organic agricultural standards. Often composed of cotton, wool, silk, jute, or ramie, organic clothing fibres are completely free from any harmful herbicides, synthetic pesticides, or genetically modified seeds: that means these clothes effectively ensure that your babies and children stay protected from any allergic reactions – all the while feeling gentle and fitting snugly against their delicate and highly sensitive skin.

Organic clothing also has numerous benefits when it comes to helping the environment: organic cotton farming produces significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In fact, farming organic clothes actively removes 1.5 tons of CO2 per acre from the atmosphere every year! Organic cotton farming also uses up to 60% less water when compared to traditional or conventional farming methods.

Thanks to being completely pesticide- and herbicide-free, organic clothing ensures that neither humans, animals, nor the environment are exposed to any nasty chemicals. Even when discarded, the fabric doesn’t return any pesticides or herbicides to the Earth in the form of landfill or through the recycling process. This is all in addition to making parents the world over more aware of their impact on the environment and the importance of taking care of the planet’s ecosystem. It also helps in passing along those values to your kids.

Mini Rodini and Sapling Child are two premier brands that specialise in making organic children and baby clothes in Australia – all without sacrificing style or quality. Although organically resourced, there’s nothing lost in the funky and cool designs produced by these two quality designer brands. Make the switch to organic children’s clothing – with all its added benefits – and try them today!

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