Mini Rodini SS17 Isola Bella

Mini Rodini Spring / Summer '17 Isola Bella Collection

Mini Rodini SS17 is inspired by the baroque garden on Isola Bella, the mini island in the Italian lake Lago Maggiore. An orchestra of buzzing insects and soft tones from a piano in the distance is accompanied by the sound of lapping waves and rippling fountains. The first rays of the sun warms the sculptures of lions and unicorns, stylish frogs jump into cooling shade while a scent of a thousand blooming roses fills the air.

Isola Bella is a truly sustainable collection where 99 percent of the products in the collection are made with more sustainable materials and it’s the first collection from Mini Rodini where all recycled outerwear is certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standard) – the strictest certification for recycled products on the market.

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Mini Rodini SS17 Isola Bella organic collection

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